The Hidden Sounds of Hull’s Waterways

Sounds are everywhere.

Some are obvious.

Some are hidden.

Hidden Sounds 14.11.23

Using sounds captured inside Hull’s Tidal Surge Barrier and the Humber Bridge alongside abandoned instruments and rediscovered tapes, this improvised performance weaves textures and soundscapes from sounds that are ignored or never normally heard. Sounds derived from secret locations, objects left for dead, and always-on systems operating just below our feet protecting the entire population of the region.

These sounds form part of the complex, layered, intricate yet fragile landscape that we share. And they’re our starting point for creating a collective improvisation mixing dense textures from the concrete of the city with delicate half-memories from recovered instruments.

Featuring Matt Barnard, Peter Elsdon, Rowan Oliver, Mark Slater and Wai Wan

Hidden Sounds is presented in association with the University of Hull

The Broken Orchestra: Riparian 11.11.23

A unique, intimate and immersive live music performance composed by The Broken Orchestra featuring poetry and spoken word from Vicky Foster.

Inspired by the ever-changing landscape along the river Hull with vocals from Sarah Johns and live instrumentation from Tom Kay (Guitars), Steph Halsey (Harp) and Gary Hammond (Percussion), this one-time performance explores our connection to living alongside water and the multifaceted historical lives we have led.

Featuring fascinating archive film projections of the river journey Hull Jazz Festival have commissioned this piece from The Broken Orchestra as part of Freedom Festival and it is supported by the Music Department at the University of Hull.