The Dyr Sister: Fairytales for the Modern Gentleman (seed commission)

The Commission:

The Dyr Sister’s ethereal Fairytales for the Modern Gentleman have been sung for many years by violist and songwriter Sally Currie. More recently, she formed a 3 piece string band consisting of viola, guitar, harp, MPC and some beautiful vocal harmonies.

The surreal musical world of The Dyr Sister will be brought to life over a series of performances down Humber Street in Autumn 2021. The performance will be a blend between a concert and an immersive experience, playing with music, visual art and digital projection mapping. This is a collaboration between The Dyr Sister, Bluebeany and GrimVisions.

Artist Biography:

The Dyr Sister combines contemporary folk with post-hip-hop and electronic music genres. Their songs are delivered with driving percussive beats via a backdrop of strings, including Viola/Guitar (Sally Currie), Harp (Stephanie Halsey) and Bass Guitar (Sarah Shiels) and layered with haunting and ethereal vocal harmonies. This is a devastatingly beautiful expression of what it means to be alive and kicking and still telling tales in these bleak times.

The Dyr Sister – A Rainbow Song (a Drake Music Commission in partnership with Sound and Music)