Late Night Marauders: Candyfloss and Carousels

The Commission:

Late Night Marauders present Candyfloss and Carousels, a fresh live show featuring brand new songs inspired by the Hull Fair experience. These songs will evoke the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and vibrancy of Hull’s greatest carnival. The sheer excitement and thrill of the ride, along with stories from behind the lights.

Step right up!

With a live premiere in October 2022 at Hull Jazz Festival, this show will literally be ‘All the Fun of the Fair’.

Artist Biography:

Late Night Marauders are led by whirlwind soulstress Ruth Scott and the piano wizardry of James Wood.  Raised on a steady diet of classic R&B and Jazz standards, Ruth developed a deep love for Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Etta James and Tom Waits, to name a few.  Hooking up with James, their songs evoke visions of smokey basement clubs in the 1950’s where beatniks and jazz heads would party. Add in the savvy rhythm section and firing horn section and the Late Night Marauders present a unique blend of Soul, RnB and boogie which is an irrepressible delight.

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