2019 – another great year for new jazz releases!

We’ve pulled together some of the end of year reviews, highlighting some of 2019’s best jazz releases. After her performance in Hull last month, it’s nice to see Yazz Ahmed’s Polyhymnia on a few of the lists.

Hopefully you’ll spot some of your favourites. And if you’re needing some inspiration for a last-minute Christmas pressie for that special jazz lover in your life, these lists should have you covered!

Jazzwise – Top 20 Jazz Albums of 2019

Red Bull – 10 must-listen jazz albums from 2019

Bandcamp’s best jazz albums from throughout 2019

And, from the other side of the pond (nice to see a few UK artists make the cut!):

Rolling Stone – 2019 in jazz: a listener’s guide

JazzTimes – the year in review

And a round-up of Pitchfork’s jazz reviews from 2019